If you own a fleet of vehicles for your small business and you need windshield repairs or replacements, Diamond Glass is your best option in Salt Lake City.

Here at Diamond Glass, the service and price we provide for your fleet vehicles is unmatched. We know how important prompt service is to you and your business. We offer same-day service on most orders placed before noon to help your fleet to get back on the road.

In addition to speedy windshield replacement for your fleet vehicles, we offer free rock chip repairs for all of our fleet accounts. To complete your rock chip repair, we can either complete the job at your site or at our locations.

Our windshield replacement and repair services also extend to your employees. If items other than auto glass are required to perform your windshield replacements or windshield repairs, such as moldings or clips, we’ll provide them to you at cost.

We also will give your company the option of receiving one simple monthly statement instead of generating an invoice each time we service your fleet.

To set up your Salt Lake City, Utah, fleet vehicle windshield replacement or repair services, call your closest Diamond Glass today and take advantage of our great service.