Fillmore, Utah, Windshield Rock Chip Repair and Replacement


Diamond Glass has been serving all of Utah with windshield replacement, rock chip repair, and windshield repair. Diamond Glass isn’t only serving northern and southern Utah, but central Utah as well! One of our shops is now located in Fillmore.

Many big trucks pass through Fillmore all of the time. Being so close to I-15 comes with a high risk that one of those big rigs will spit up debris and cause rock chips or other damage to your windshield. When this happens, you need to fix this rock chip as soon as possible or it could become a very big problem.

Windshields are meant to be somewhat flexible. This flexibility can cause the windshield to contract and expand with temperature. When it gets hot, it expands, when it gets cold, it contracts. If you use a heater when it’s cold and an air conditioner when it’s hot, this can affect your rock chip in your windshield. It can cause stress on the chip and that can cause serious cracks that make driving unsafe. Don’t let that small rock chip turn into a big problem and get your rock chips fixed at your Fillmore Diamond Glass.

At Diamond Glass, we understand that you want to spend your time in ways other than getting a windshield replacement or windshield repair. Because of this, our skilled technicians will use the best adhesive to rock chip and crack repair. This adhesive works quickly and brings back the beauty and clarity that you need for windshield. The entire process of the rock chip repair takes only 15-20 minutes.

If you do need a replacement for your windshield, you do have a few options. You can bring your car into our Fillmore shop and we can replace it quickly. Another great option for our friends in Fillmore is mobile windshield replacement. We can do the entire windshield replacement in your parking lot or driveway.

If you need your windshield repaired or replaced, stop on by to our Fillmore shop on Main Street or call us at 435-743-4995.