Windshield Rock Chip Repair and Replacement Ogden


Diamond Glass has been serving Utah for over 30 years. We are your local solution for windshield repair, windshield replacement, and rock chip repair, and we enjoy serving the great people of Ogden with these great services. If you have been driving around Ogden with a rock chips and have been putting it off, do not wait any longer!

At any given time, with the ever-changing temperature that Ogden provides, that small rock chip can become a large crack on your windshield . The temperature can be cold one day and you need to use the heater, or hot the next day and you need to use your air conditioner. On some rare instances, this could even be done on the same day! With how crazy the temperatures can be, you should repair your rock chips as soon as possible.

Your windshield is meant to have flexibility. When it’s hot, the windshield will expand slightly and when it’s cold, it will contract. If you have any rock chip in the windshield, these contractions and expansions can cause stress on those rock chips and that can lead to cracks in the windshield. Bring your car in to Diamond Glass of Ogden and we will take care of your windshield needs in a fast and professional way.

Getting your window repaired should be a hassle-free experience. At Diamond Glass, we understand that your time means a lot to you. Like most people, you don’t want to spend too much time getting your windshield repaired or even replaced. Our skilled technicians work hard to ensure that your windshield repair and replacement happens as quickly as possible, usually about 15-20 minutes.

If you have to replace the entire windshield, our trained technicians work in a quick and professional way. If you are unable to come to our Ogden shop, our technicians can come to you! Diamond Glass offers mobile windshield replacement. We can come to you while you go about your business!

Give our Ogden shop a call and we can take care of your entire windshield repairs today! 801-392-9378