Washington, Utah Auto Glass Replacement and Repairs


The weather in Utah can fluctuate at any time day throughout the year. There can be constant change from extreme cold to relative warmth in an instant. Washington, Utah, is no exception to this trickery from Mother Nature. This temperature change can affect your windshield in a negative way.

Imagine that you are driving along when a rock hits your windshield. After the initial shock, you examine the windshield quickly and think there is no damage. However, there may be a small rock chip that you haven't noticed. These chips can turn into a crack and if you don't fix it, the windshield may need to be replaced. Many people may not be aware that rock chips can turn into a lot bigger problem as temperatures fluctuate Windshields on cars are made to be able to compress when it’s cold outside and expand when it’s hot. With the heat that can arise in Washington, people who have rock chips and use their A/C in the car can turn those chips into cracks as the two temperatures fight against each other.

When your windshield needs repairs due to chips, Diamond Glass can help before they become large cracks. We offer rock chip windshield repair and can fill cracks that are about the size of a dollar bill. Filling rock chips can take around 15-20 minutes and the special adhesive can restore the original strength to your windshield and prevent further cracking.

If your windshield does need to be replaced, Diamond Glass does offer full windshield replacement with top-quality Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) auto glass.

Diamond Glass is the best windshield repair and replacement company in Utah because of our commitment to service. We take the worry and headache out of windshield repairs and replacement. When you schedule our service, one of our trained technicians can come to you anywhere in Washington to help you with your needs. We understand that your schedule can be too busy to even think about how you could possibly fit one more thing in. That's why we come to you.

To schedule your windshield replacement or repair service with Diamond Glass in Washington, Utah, give us a call at 435-628-0602