Diamond Glass Client Reviews

Stephe Cannonfile
Insane customer service. I was recommend by Lube Doc’s in Orem when getting my car registered. I can’t see myself going anywhere in the future. Their installer clocked back in to take care of my windshield, the gave me a discount, and I’m on their wifi to write this review. Excellent business.

Barbi Claitor
Never will I go somewhere else again. We will be on our 4th windshield in less than 4 months. First one was done by a no-name company, with a no-quality no-warranty service/product as well. Huge mistake. The windshield cracked from the placement within weeks and they refused to replace it. Next one we went to Techna, and less than a month later had a huge rock chip after being on the freeway. They wouldn’t fill it, and so we went home and the next day it had spread across the entire windshield. They did not have any type of offer for a lower price to replace it even though it was within a month. So,we went to Diamond Glass. Should’ve gone there the first time. They replaced it and told me they would correct rock chips if possible, and that a full replacement was only labor costs if within a year. Well, we have another one, less than a month again due to a truck on the freeway. I went to Diamond Glass today, they were extremely friendly and helpful, fixed what they could to keep it from spreading and reminded me that it was only labor costs to replace it when we were ready. I didn’t have to pay a penny for the rock chip repair, either. I will never use another company again, they are exceptional on all aspects of how a business should be ran.

Anthony May
Great Experience all around! They were able to get me in on short notice and handled everything with my insurer. Called at 4:00pm and was driving away with a new window by 5:30pm. Best in the business hands down.

I have been using Diamond for years. They are always knowledgeble and seem to go out of the way to help me save money. I have always left feeling good about the visit.

I maintain a fleet of about 500 cars and I have used Diamond Glass for about 4 years. Their customer service staff is always polite and professional and I don’t feel like just a number. I feel like they would pass that same service down to those who are not in a fleet as well. They are always so timely and their installers do a great job. They are fabulous! Don’t use anyone else!!!