Windshield Repair in Utah

Looking for windshield repair service in Utah? Of all your car’s maintenance, the windshield seems as if it should be the simplest. But more often than not, this simple repair seems to creep into your auto budget and you wonder if you’ll have time to fit it in your busy schedule.

Whether it’s just a rock chip repair or a full blown windshield replacement, repairs to your windshield can be a total pain. It’s just another “to-do” on the ever-growing list of items, and your schedule is tight as it is.

Here at Diamond Glass we respect your time with our fast service and make sure your repair doesn’t swallow up your day. We cover all your bases and are flexible in scheduling and location.

Our rock chip repairs take under 20 minutes and our trained staff will even check to see if your insurance company will compensate you for the cost of the repair. Diamond Glass technicians will handle the rock chip repair in a prompt manner, but will never rush and comprise the quality of the windshield repair.

If your car needs to have a replacement on the windshield, our skilled technicians come to you. We offer mobile windshield replacement. As long as you are in the vicinity of our team, we can come to you and replace your glass while you go about your day.

If the thought of windshield repair is just one part of your car’s maintenance you didn’t schedule for, call us today and we’ll help out with your rock chip and Utah windshield repair. For over 35 years we have taken care of Utah with the right price and right warranty.