Five ways to prevent rock chip repairs

With the forces of nature at work and Utah road construction constantly present, avoiding rock chip repair may be inevitable. When it happens, you’ve got Diamond Glass for the best rock chip repair in Utah. There are ways, however, to lower your chances of getting a rock chip in your windshield. Here are five simple ways to keep rock repair out of your life:

1) Avoiding rock chips from construction trucks
Construction trucks often have gravel or dirt in them that can fly out and hit your windshield. The best way to lower the risk of the trucks’ debris hitting your windshield is to simply avoid driving behind them.

2) Avoiding rock chips from any car
A rock chip repair is more likely to be needed when you tailgate any car, especially on the freeway. By creating a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, you lower the risk of rock chips from debris a car kicks up, keeping it from hitting your windshield and prompting a rock chip repair.

3) Park under shelter to keep from repairing a rock chip repair
It’s impossible to know if a tree branch or a wild baseball will hit your windshield while you think it’s safely parked, making more than a rock chip repair necessary for your car’s windshield. Park in a garage or under a car port or shed to make sure the damage to your windshield is minimized.

4) Drive more slowly to avoid rock chips
To avoid a rock chip and its repair, a slower speed might do the trick. Flying debris hitting your windshield has a greater chance of causing damage at high impact. When you drive more slowly, there is less force on contact of debris and windshield, lowering the risk of a rock chip.

5) Keep an eye on your windshield to be ready for rock chip repair
Sometimes a rock chip can happen and you don’t even know. Look out for these by inspecting your windshield on a regular basis. If your windshield does have a rock chip, prevent it from growing larger by setting an appointment with Diamond Glass today. Call or visit us online for the best rock chip repair in Utah.

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